The fall of 1992 brought five men together in a sunporch.  Low-fi guitars, a Casio keyboard and a drum kit being kept from its rightful owner produced a rumble, became a roar and then a sound of geologic proportions.  Members came, members left, El Degases became Telecasters, a postcard from Hungary brought a change in nomenclature and soon there remained a group of lads who were convinced they were German boat-building troubadors based in Saskatchewan.  Songs were recorded, and then time...well time treats everyone like a baby treats his diaper.  But once this site is finished, come on in and find out some more about Canada’s first Triple Teflon rock gods The Heroes in Rehab, won’t you?

In the meantime, you can read the blog that came from the man who came from the band that came from a postcard.

The Loudest Band to Ever Leave Windsor Ontario