Stylin’ and profilin’, new school.

A friend of ours gave birth this morning to a healthy baby boy. Naturally, part of this evening was decreed by Spouse to include a go-to-the-mall, go-directly-to-the-mall, do-not-pass-go, definitely-do-not-collect $200 trip. The purpose of the excursion was to collect miniature versions of real people’s clothes to give to the child as a gift. It didn’t take long before an oh-so-cute little track suit with oh-so-cute cute little frogs was located, which track suit needed (naturally) to be augmented by the little shirt (navy and white stripes, also adorned with little frogs), and little white socks (or possibly wheel covers for a 1:64 scale model Camaro), yet again with the little frogs. The piece de resistance? Tiny little running shoes – size one, $19.95. No frogs, but get this: still cute as all get out.

I began gently mocking Spouse concerning the remarkable volume of baby clothing being purchased. It seems to me that if we ever do have a child of our own, it is likely (as a result of Spouse’s retail-related weaknesses) to be the only little gaffer ever to have need of a “toddle-in” closet.

I thought it was funny.

By junior

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