Heroes in Rehab: the blog.  What is it?  To a certain extent, of course, that remains to be seen.  For now, it is my latest attempt to entertain friends and family, to force myself to write a bit, and to just collect together in one place some things that I come across during the considerable amount of time I spend just surfing around from place to place.

“Heroes in Rehab” is the name of my band.   We settled on the name in 1994 when a friend travelling in Hungary sent us a postcard that mentioned the “statues of all the rehabilitated heroes”.   Heroes in Rehab created one tremendously successful recording – “Ouais” – that went triple teflon* in Canada in 1996.  Since that time, I have been working on a historical novelization (and musical theatre version) of the life of the great Russian composer Havingevoofer Trauserkov.    Also, I have been collecting mass. 

I hope to write a little bit about my life and things that interest me in music, sports and Canadian politics.   

*Awarded for by the CSOUM** for “tremendously disappointing or non-existent sales”.

** CSOUM = “Canadian Society for Obscure or Unheard Music”


    1. Hi Rich!

      I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’m really happy with my Yamaha semi-acoustic, I think it cost me about $800 with taxes. My own view is the most important thing, aside from how it sounds, is how the thing feels in your hands. If your happy enough with the sound, and it feels comfortable in your hands, you buy that bad boy right away!!!

      Hope that helps…

    1. Depends: are you going to do anything other than *ahem* republish other bloggers’ content? If not, will you be sharing ad revenue with those who generate the content? Are you going to correct the spelling of “Toronto” in the website’s header?

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