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The Cacophony Society

If my boy Lothar is still out there reading: The Cacophony Society

Slogan: “You may already be a member.”

I believe this organization to be the only one superior to the Sydney Carton Society (still waiting for that Second Annual Meeting, by the way).

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  • Lothar


    i have just returned from a sojourn from the island of red sand in this really nifty country.

    as a quick and further update, the sydney carton society has abolished all second meetings as the first meeting has not quite ended just yet, having rolled into, after a quick change into more formal attire, late afternoon vespers. confession, when accompanied by willing hand-poured spirits, remains good for the soul, as i have been told.

    regarding the cacophony society (“CACSOC” for short, i believe that we are already members, having enrolled all of us one fine evening, seven years ago, but the paperwork, it seems has somehow been conveniently lost.

    i remain, humbly, lothar.

  • It is good that you are well, and well that you are good.

    I shall dispatch my army of flying servant monkeys to search for the missing paperwork…tomorrow.

    Hit me up via email, bro-bro, we have to do a get together…