Hello From Ben and Daddy

Hi there!  It’s been a loooooooooooooong time, though Ben says it “hasn’t been that long”. Ben is interested in writing a bit in a blog about books, so I am showing him how to make a blog post.   Here – in form, if not in substance – it is.


Been a while. Going to try to get back ’round these parts again. Soon. Ish.  Yes, I know, you’ve heard that before.

His Mind Works in Three Dimensions

Ben built an “Octonauts Playset from McDonalds” tonight out of card stock and Scotch tape.  It’s a fairly sizeable cube-shaped object with a door cut into it (for easy insertion of seafaring animal explorers, no doubt.) It’s the logical sequel, I suppose, to his work from earlier today: “How To Make Tree House”, [sic] a […]

Is it wrong…?

…to go nearly two years without a post?  Should I not have done that?   Huh.

Old X Wing Fighter, New User

Using the force apparently causes one to purse his or her lips in a rather pronounced fashion.

Vacation Day One: A Golf Lesson

It’s vacation 2013!  Spouse and I have been off since the beginning of July. Up ’til now, we’ve been stay-cating; we’ve been doing some (but only some) of the (many) chores that need doing around the Juniorvanian estate.  That’s been mostly successful –  financing arrangements had to be made as the end of a car […]

Growth and Change

Change: the incremental grows fundamental And all around is new I looked away for just a minute Now looking back at you I could have sworn you were so much smaller Now squeaks and sleeps are memories Setting like the son on the horizon of my mind.


Wow. The more I read of his stuff, the more upset I become that David Foster Wallace is no longer around to think about things and then tell us his thoughts. TV-watching as a malignant cycle doesn’t even require special preconditions like writerly self-consciousness or loneliness. Let’s for a second imagine Joe Briefcase as now […]


A little bird tells me some folks might be coming this way via Grantland tomorrow. Don’t mind the cobwebs hereabouts, things have been a little slow since (I assume) aliens arrived in the night and used mind control and likely some sort of anal probe to steal all of my free time, come to think […]

You can almost see him getting an idea.