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His Mind Works in Three Dimensions

Ben built an “Octonauts Playset from McDonalds” tonight out of card stock and Scotch tape.  It’s a fairly sizeable cube-shaped object with a door cut into it (for easy insertion of seafaring animal explorers, no doubt.)

It’s the logical sequel, I suppose, to his work from earlier today: “How To Make Tree House”, [sic] a “making book” for those interested in the correct methods of construction in relation to arboreal domiciles. 


You can’t complain you were misled bu the title


The book details how to obtain and assemble the pieces required to erect the eponymous structure, concluding with a diagram showing the correctly installed project.

i still can’t make a really succesful illustration of a 3D cube. He’s four.

I gather that attempts to describe the construction of some sort of three-dimensional object in two-dimensional space proved unsatisfying, so he moved on to modelling the structure with the materials at hand in his immediate vicinity. I know that every parent thinks this of their child, and I think every parent is right in their own way: he’s a marvel! 


This thing is better than any toy McDonald’s ever handed out.


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