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What Bryan Did < What Brian Did

Okay, Leafs fans, admit it – it was tough to see Tyler Seguin pulling on that Bruins jersey earlier tonight when the Beantowners picked him with the Leafs’ first rounder, courtesy of the Phil Kessel trade.

I tweeted about this earlier today, though.  Boston fans got to watch one highlight today that Leaf fans find a little galling.  We got to watch 30 highlights last season from Mr. Kessel, with many more to come down the road.

For a while, I thought that was the only way I could console myself about the Leafs’ uninvolvement in this draft.  Then I watched as Ottawa GM Bryan Murray crapped the bed.  With several highly ranked prospects still undrafted, he traded his pick to St. Louis for David Rundblad.  Who?

Well, exactly.  No doubt Senators fans – the few that have learned to read, and the rest who’ve heard about this from a friend  – are spending the evening with their tiny little heads in the oven.  Don’t worry, in a few hours they’ll realize they have electric appliances.

In the end, Burkie’s “nothing” was vastly superior to that bit of Ottawa bedshittery.

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