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I just had a week off of work, right?  So like an idiot, I decide on Sunday – the last day of my vacation – that it’s time for me to take the plunge and get a Playstation 3.   It was a little sad packing away my PS2 in a box – that little console and I spent some serious quality time together over the years, as my brother Doug can attest.

<jaw drops open> But.  Look.  At.  The.  Graphics. </jaw drops open>

Playing Tiger Woods 2007 now – it’s the only game I got with the unit.  If you can recommend a good game to show off the hi-def capabilities of the console, please let me know. 

Games that come with an “automatic extra week off work” feature will be strongly considered as candidates for purchase.

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  1. I keep trying to justify in my head one of the new-generation consoles: the Wii sounds fun, the XBox 360 actually has some decent games, and the PS3 is a cheap (and good) Blu-Ray player.

    It was much easier for me in 1999 and 2002; I bought the Dreamcast and an XBox solely for the critically-panned Shenmue series. There’s other reasons I don’t regret those decisions (Psychonauts, for one, and Rez for another), but nothing this generation has my attention at the moment, except perhaps for Mass Effect.

  2. I bought the PS3 because I was excited about the upcoming Metal Gear release – and because of the latest Gran Turismo, which was good on the PS2 but which I am told can produce hi-def graphics when played on PS3. The difficulty for me has been finding time to spend with the thing since then – and I don’t even have any kids!

    By the way, I loved Shining Force on SEGA Genesis too; on two past occasions, I have considered giving that console to friends with small children, and on each occasion I was a small enough person not to do it because I managed to convince myself that I would someday play that game again. My brothers and I spent about a week and a half one Christmas season playing that game dawn to dusk and howling with enjoyment everytime one of the characters (I’ve forgotten his name, but he had a long two-handed sword) would move in to finish off the job once sufficient damage had been inflicted on the various beasties by our supporting cast. We referred to this character not by his real name but as “Andreychuk” after a then prolific garbage goal scorer playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs – this is Canada and everything comes back to hockey.

  3. Hey, I grew up near Spokane watching Pat Falloon and Ray Whitney run wild in the (91?) Memorial Cup, so there’s a fair amount of hockey in my blood, too — but my heroes have usually been goalies (Ranford and even Essensa, before he got unloaded on the Wings).

    I have a bunch of consoles remaining steadfastly packed in the shed, finding emulation (on PSP) a viable solution instead of the cartridge swab & blow routine. But even there, the DS software (Meteos, Phoenix Wright) is far more compelling …

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