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What he said!

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the Ticats’ lack of discipline and need, first and foremost, to avoid penalties.  Steve Milton agrees:

With all the other problems plaguing the rebuilding team, the Cats cannot afford the folly of leading the CFL in penalty yardage.

In just two games, their sins have cost them 278 real yards, and countless more in lost potential. Their opponents in those two games have combined for barely half (141 yards) that. The Cats have already been hit for 53 more yards than the next most penalized team (Calgary).

Now, I’ve been meaning to go on a little bit about how much I like this guy’s writing, but seriously, the guy’s apparently a freakin’ genius.

All kidding aside, I do like Milton’s writing.  He tends to avoid the angles everybody else is beating to death and he doesn’t reach for hyperbole to drum up excitement.  I think I’ll wait for a bit before heaping further praise on the man, though – for now, I’ll just sleep the deep sleep of the righteous.

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