HiR:tb Toots (@warwalker)

Keep dancing or you’ll fall off.

Things are crazy busy for me at work right now (like, Unabomber crazy, not just regular crazy), and added on top of all that earning-a-living stuff are some social obligations. Now, Spouse and I are not exactly society page material, but it so happens that this holiday season we have been invited to three Christmas parties. The three parties are scheduled for Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. End result: over the next few days I’ll be mega-busy either bustin’ my hump or making merry like there’s no tomorrow. The fact that I will be spending so much time with meat-space people will definitely be limiting the available blog-writing opportunities, so I expect it to be a little quiet around here over the next week or so.

Feel free to tidy the place up a bit while I’m away.

Note to self: I would like to write a bit longer piece on the subject brought up by Mike in his comment on Tuesday’s post. Also, it is about time for a Fantasy Hockey update, and I can’t just avoid doing that post because my teams are beginning to sink like a stone in all three leagues.

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