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The Cats and the Hats

I’m going to interrupt my own fishing story here to mention two unrelated things.

First, the Ticats lost to the Roughriders on Saturday afternoon, but miracle of miracles, the Tabbies were in the game right up until the end against the Grey Cup Champs. Games in which the hometown side meaningfully participates have been kind […]

Gone Fishin’

This is spouse writing for Junior who has gone fishing. Junior will be back on Saturday.

Happy Canada Day!


Well, it took longer than I thought, but apparently I got that one right.

The Bat-signal for Mike’s IT Guy.

Mike: What’s going on with the comments on your blog, dude? A couple of days ago, you posted some questions about hockey; being the resident Canadian know-it-all and puck freak, I of course immediately mashed keys on my word toaster and zipped you off a responding thingamajig. Something weird happened and the page took a […]

(My) Silence is Tiring.

Your Glorious Leadership, having ensured that the sun would shine and the birds would chirp this weekend, spent yesterday and today attending to various Public Works, including (but not limited to) the Great Raking of Leaves and substantial output from the People’s Department of Garage Tidying. From these works, your Glorious Leadership has divined two […]

Things I Missed While Under a Rock, Apparently

How did I miss this before? Is it acceptable for me to still be happy it’s back when I didn’t know that it was gone in the first place?

Funny! See, for example, why a big ol’ dog should be President.

(h/t apostropher).


Snowed in.

Hope to add some pictures tomorrow of the massive amount of snow that has descended upon the ol’ homestead. Haven’t started shovelling it yet; it won’t stop falling from the sky!

Danger Makes You Safe; Skill, Superfluous.

Unrelated snippets that have me scratching my head right now:

First, according to an article in the Walrus, some cities in the Netherlands are removing traffic control signs, lane markers and other commonplace road safety measures because, apparently, the lack of appropriate signage and safety measures has been found to actually promote safer driving conduct. […]

Prediction Update

I took a bit of heat in the comments, mostly from loving family members, about my failure to accurately forecast the result of Super Bowl XLII. I was attempting to think of a witty and incisive comeback to silence my detractors but the Juniorbrain was not providing.

Instead, therefore, I took to surfing the ‘Net […]

Perfect Storm of Sports

I haven’t been able to even come near the computer to think about posting for the last couple of weeks. With Christmas, travel, visiting various relatives, the schedule would have been tight. Perhaps not impossible, but tight. Add on top of all that the veritable cornucopia of televised sports available over the last few days, […]