1. I wonder if, as rumored, Ron Wilson is the next to feel the axe, he wouldn’t be the trendy pick for the Leafs bench. Yet there’s winning coaches and playoff-winning coaches, where he’s not firmly established himself as the latter, though a case might be made for having run into incredibly hot teams at inopportune times (Turco, in particular, has been stellar).

  2. What I will miss most is
    Maurice’s post game press interviews which I used to watch on Leafs TV. He was quite forthright with his answers and combined that with a great sense of humour. It will be interesting to see how his successor haandles the press.

  3. I agree with both of these comments – Wilson is over-rated and – say what you will about Paul Maurice’s coaching ability – he sure came across as a stand-up guy who wasn’t afraid to answer questions.

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