Perfect Storm of Sports

I haven’t been able to even come near the computer to think about posting for the last couple of weeks. With Christmas, travel, visiting various relatives, the schedule would have been tight. Perhaps not impossible, but tight. Add on top of all that the veritable cornucopia of televised sports available over the last few days, and my blog didn’t stand a chance. I have watched the NFL (The Bills lost to end their season in one game I watched, and the Patriots managed to run the table by beating the Giants in the other); I have watched NCAA football (the end of the Capital One bowl – Go Blue! – and the first three and a half quarters of the Rose Bowl, in which I managed to get a severe hate on for USC when that idiot did a full-on flip before running the ball into the end zone for their second TD. Illini, please know that I was rooting you all on to give those showboats a whuppin’. Too bad.); I have watched NHL hockey (Sabres versus Penguins in the 2008 Winter Classic, played outdoors at Ralph Wilson stadium in front of 73,000 people that appeared to be having an absolute party throughout the televised snowstorm/hockey game. The piece de resistance in this one was Sid the Kid scoring in the shootout to end it – that guy is some good.); I have watched the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship games (round robin games Canada vs. Slovakia, Canada vs. Sweden and Canada vs. Denmark, as well as two of today’s quarterfinal matches – Canada vs. Finland and Russia vs. Czech Republic).

I have also managed to watch (with my six-year old niece) Monsters Inc. three times, as well as two Pink Panther movies, Casino Royale (the 2006 version – don’t bother) and the Rose Bowl Parade.

In the process, I have consumed 1, 345 pounds of junk food and an endless supply of fizzy drinks.

A guy could really get to like this vacation/holiday season combo.

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  1. Welcome to Pac-10 football, where everyone who doesn’t (didn’t) go to the University of Second Choice already thinks they’re overrated. The Pac-10 was pretty brutal this year in terms of national rankings — everyone was pretty good (or in the case of my beloved Bears, pretty inconsistent, especially on defense) and that led to a lot of parity.

    Of course, the icing on the cake is that idiot Carroll, who couldn’t do a thing in the NFL with the Patriots (when I was in Boston, he managed to find new and inventive ways to lose in the fourth quarter) and suddenly becomes a college genius.

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