You don’t have to go to day care, but you can’t stay here

Quickly, as I have much work to accomplish this evening and little motivation with which to do it:

On the way home from work tonight, I saw a sign that announced, “CHILD BOUNCER PARTY“. I immediately had visions of an enormous man with multiple piercings and several threatening tattoos evicting eight year-olds – unruly after a surfeit of grape juice – from the local tavern. Alternatively, I thought, perhaps the sign foretold of a gathering of aspiring juvenile door staff, kind of like Junior Achievement for the hospitality industry. I rejected as too violent a third possibility, one that involved my imagined revelers dribbling six-year olds around the room with cocktails in hand.

Whatever the sign really means, I can’t imagine it’s nearly as much fun.

By junior

Guitar owner and silly person.

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