Syllabus, pt.1

Required reading for adoptive team-parents wishing to learn all about our new little darlings and their evil rivals in time for Friday night:

On Frozen Blog’s series analysis at

Most of the “experts” I’ve heard making predictions don’t give the Caps much of a chance in this one, either because they believe the Caps “won’t have anything left in the tank” after a prolonged push just to win their division and make the playoffs, or because they think the Flyers are going to dominate the Caps physically (i.e. beat them up).

OFB begs to differ:

[The] Flyers are the most-penalized team in the East; the Caps are the second-least penalized. A Flyers team that is dangerous on the PP but shaky 5-on-5 is playing a team that doesn’t take many penalties—a recipe for a Capitals victory.

This is why I prefer the blogosphere over MSM journos; facts and arguments rather than “gut feelings.”

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  1. Great blog, Junior! Fully on board with the Capitals express, I just have to finish out with the Pens first.
    Incidentally, I’m adding you to my blog roll, because you obviously need the “help”. Keep in touch!

  2. Hey, Greener, thanks for the support. I have been meaning to add a bunch of the PPP crew blogs to my own blogroll, once I figure out how to make a “hockey” category in the thing.

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