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Once More, With Feeling

Update:  Thought I was finished with the Home Depot, eh?  Not quite.  Spouse and I sojourned to the local Lowe’s (just a bit farther down the same road that Home Depot is on, coincidentally), so that I could pick up one of those Workmate thingies.  I got one of these little guys, which seemed to be what the doctor ordered in terms of my holding/clamping needs for veneer application and shelf front ironing.

I headed home and quite smugly commenced the necessary operations.  The Great Fixini made a brief appearance, regaling all within earshot with detailed descriptions of the many feats that would be accomplished on this day.  And truth be told, that portion of the project went reasonably well; no digits were singed.  Other than deciding that I could probably have used a finer saw blade while cutting the melamine (the rough blade caused some little knicks and blemishes in certain places),  after I had filed down the edges of the excess veneer, I was quite pleased overall with the craftsmanship.

So I carried the shelves in to the kitchen, set them down, and prepared for the final install.  I dug out the hardware I purchased yesterday (the little posts that go in the pre-drilled holes in the interior sides of the cabinet).  Diameter of the posts:  7 mm.  Diameter of the holes: 5 mm.

Back in the car, back to the Depot.

But behold – the cabinet is now finished!

adjusted cupboard

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