Nice Column. Um, How About Vaccuuming, Dude?

A New Day Dawning in Leafland?

Sleep was deep, my breakfast was good, and the pot of tea hit the spot.   I have completed and posted the piece I promised on Brian Burke and the NHL trade deadline.  It sets out the reasonable expectations that Maple Leaf fans everywhere should have of our angry Irish overlord.  Looking around me at the detritus distributed throughout the house, it occurs to me that I ought to perhaps perform a little housework before Spouse returns to Juniorvania from her overnight stay in the Niagara Region (she’s joining the board of a community organization and spent the night at a retreat with her fellow board members to get to know them a little better).  I don’t want to say I’ve let the place go a little, but it’s getting kind of hard to find a fork around here.

If you’re dropping by from an SBNation blog to investigate whether I’ve written anything else that you might like, here are some things I’ve written about the NHL and the Leafs.    When I’m not wearing my Wendel Clark jersey and bemoaning another loss in the shootout (non-Rangers games only), I write a lot about my lawn tractor and stuff around the house.   You might enjoy some of those posts.


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  1. Some of what I’ve read on Burke is that he’s not even the strongest trader out there — his history in Vancouver being somewhat underwhelming (okay, it was Peter Zezel), but any more and I run the risk of the traditional Red-Blue enmity erupting.

    I ask when theVet comes home sometimes, only because that tells me exactly how long I can wait before commencing chores.

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