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Game 5 is about to get underway – I can’t decide whether to listen live or to save the recording I’m making and listen later.  I am very nervous, but excited.  C’mon boys, git ‘er done!

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  • geezer

    go spits go – in Rimouski – they got it done!

  • Yes, they did. In overtime! My online feed crapped out on me, so I don’t know how much of the game I got. I suspect I missed the Brampton 3rd period goal and Taylor Hall’s Championship Winner…I am sorry to miss the celebration in Windsor tonight.

    Now: one more trophy to win.

  • geezer

    My online feed crapped out twice, including at the time of the overtime goal! I got back in as the cup was being presented. Fortunately I was on Windows IM with a friend in Windsor who kept me informed in real time. My online feed was delayed by about 2 minutes all night so he was relaying info to me before I heard it on the online feed.
    Three of us we were watching the NHL games and listening to the Spits game. Quite a juggling act at times but fun nonetheless!