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Victoria Day: Dave’s Not Here, Man

I promise I will post something about last weekend’s bizarre gardening accident soon;  I really did mean to put the finishing touches on the tale today, but – for reasons that will become apparent when you read the story – I have been taking some pain killers that make a nice sunny day a sort of Woodstock-type of experience for me.  The effect is somewhat enhanced by the addition of Robaxacet – check – and, in the end, I been feelin’ groovy all right.  I’ll be damned though, if my fingers will work properly and I’m having trouble thinking of that what do you call it, that…um…”word.”  Which makes it hard to write coherently, or at least as coherently as is my usual custom here.

You’ll just have to get on without me today.

Happy Victoria Day everybody!  Now, speaking of bizarre gardening accidents…

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