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As you may know, an inventory of the benefits accruing to the Canadiens as a result of their recent makeover is being compiled on an ongoing basis.  Contributions to the collection continue to be accepted (leave ’em in the comments below, if’n you feel moved to pitch in).

HiR:tb has obtained exclusive photographic evidence of one such positive development in Lower Canada:  a picture showing some of the extensive refurbishing that’s been done to the Bell Centre since early July.

New Habs Bench
Brian Gionta may still need a boost.

Can’t wait to see that new equipment put into action when the Lollipop Guild needs a line change.  In the meantime, Habs fans despairing of the future of their club should remember this:

Bring your kid to a Habs game this year;  there’s a decent chance Gainey will sign him to a 6 million dollar contract and get him some time on the power play.

By junior

Guitar owner and silly person.


  1. You’re on fire. Loving it.

    And I need to contribute to the Project, I’m just having a hard time coming up with something to match the quality submissions so far.

  2. eyebeleaf-
    It’s for Habs fans. Quantity, not quality, will suffice. Quality is just a bonus for all of us and junior. 🙂

  3. There is a old black and white Sci. Fi. thriller called “Attack of the Puppet People”. Me thinks that Bob Gainey particularity liked this movie and is trying to recreate and update it with the Habs. Ohhhh that wascaweey GM. “Attack of the Puppet Hockey Players”.

  4. Attack of the Puppet People, eh?

    1. I can’t believe I haven’t seen that movie. I shall have to remedy that forthwith; and
    2. I would think John Ferguson Jr. ought to have a starring role in that film. No?

  5. hey can i get added to your blogroll? i will repay the favor regardless.

    the montreal canadians will actually be mentioned outside of quebec when the whole montreal canadians team is arrested for pedophilia when brian giota scores a goal and gets patted on the butt by his team mates.


    sales of newspapers increase in montreal because of pedophiles buying it for the legal child pornography in the sports section.


    montreal is rocked by news that all three players on the topline were seperately molested in the bathroom when a pedophile had mistaken them for a toddler without his parents

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