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A Big Nickel Weekend

Spouse and I are in Sudbury for a few days; I had a meeting to attend here in the Big Nickel on Thursday for work, and she and I have both taken today off to make a long weekend of our drive up so that we can attend a horse show at the barn where Spouse learned to ride.

Updates may be sparse for the next day few days, as I plan to be spending quite a bit of time standing in a field – rain or shine – watching horses jump over fences.   I am really bummed that I forgot to pack my camera, but given the weather forecast, pleased to have remembered a raincoat.  It’s fair to say it was a bit of a scramble to make it out of the house and on the road in time to arrive at the meeting on schedule.

Note to Canadian government:  if our nation ever becomes a world power with a bellicose army intent on liberating the heck out of anybody, do not put Spouse and I in charge of organizing any invasions.   If we were in charge, the convoy would have to stop halfway to the beach for Tim Hortons Bagel B.E.L.T.s (no breakfast), there would be considerable confusion about the precise assignments of the participants upon arrival at the destination, and certain of the Marines would be searching their gear in vain to find eyeglasses that were not packed.

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