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Quick News: Leafs Rookie Tournament

Spouse and I are leaping into George in a few moments to head for KW, where we will take in the Leafs rookies vs. the Penguins rookies.  Hoping to see the Monster and Kid Kadri.  I will be twittering updates from the game as and when I am able, i.e. whenever Spouse isn’t looking (lest I receive the gaze of disapproval/pity).

You can follow on Twitter at @warwalker if you’re interested.  I’m hoping to have some pix from the game to post later on tonight/tomorrow too.

Away!  (Or are we the “home” team for this one…?)

UPDATE (via iPhone): Leafs lose to Penguins 4-1. More to come when I get home including some video (hopefully). For now, I give you truculence, courtesy Jesse Blacker.
Sorry, can’t tell if this is horribly blurry or not.

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