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3 Not Only Wise, But Security-Conscious, Men

On New Year’s Eve, the coffee shop that we usually go to near the office was closed.  Despite the impending festivities, it was a crazy busy day for Spouse and I, and at some point it became necessary to make a caffeine run.  I headed out the door, a little off the routes that I would habitually have occasion to pass along, and loaded up on Tim Horton’s steeped tea for Spouse and I, as well as a few other souls also unlucky enough to be in the office.

As I retraced my steps through the frigid December air, hands full of the supplies I had been sent to retrieve, I had passed by the City of Hamilton’s public nativity display in Gore Park.  As I’ve already said, it was a busy day and I had about six trillion other things on my mind;  I was in one of those mindsets that I get into when I have a lot of tasks to accomplish in a short period of time and I’m afraid of getting off schedule and causing complications further on down the line.  Single-minded, laden with cups of tea and timbits and striding purposefully back to work, I only half-noticed the display out of the corner of my eye. I had completely passed the display and was just stepping into the street when what I had seen scrambled up out of my subconscious and screamed at me to do a double-take.  I stopped, turned around and walked back and couldn’t stop laughing when my second look confirmed what my peripheral vision had told me was there.  As pressed for time as I was, and even though it was difficult to juggle about forty-five cups of tea while I fished my iPhone out of my pocket and got the camera app ready to go, I just had to take a picture:

Wide angle nativity

Nativity, Hamilton Style

Close-up view:

Closeup Nativity Warning

The eyes of the Lord are in every place, watching the evil and the good." (Proverbs 15:3)

“…and in the darkness shineth
an everlasting light…”

Next step in Hamilton’s war against magi thieves?  Three words:  “booby-trapped Balthasar.”  Can’t be too careful with all that gold, frankincense and myrrh laying about.


4 comments to 3 Not Only Wise, But Security-Conscious, Men

  • kidkawartha

    Don’t f–k with the newborn Christ, he knows where you live.
    /i’m going to hell

  • TBG

    They stole Jesus a few years ago…Hamilton Police Service initiated the ivestigation by looking for the brightst star in the eastern sky…Being it was the Hammer no stars could be seen easterly or otherwise…some good samritan (no pun intended) or the purp returned it somehow but I don’t recall the deatils. I just prefer to think of it as a miracle.

  • Mom

    Just think if they had, had cameras way back then, we would know if there is a reason for Christmas.

  • I have that EXACT sign (only smaller) on the tiny nativity scene that we place on top of our TV at Christmas.