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FOUNDERS’ DAY 2010: Let the fun begin.

Founders Day 2010 is upon us and the Citizens of Juniorvania are preparing to welcome the largest influx of visitors to our little country in some two years.  Preparations are afoot all around me, and even Glorious Leader feels a little embarrassed when he’s sitting on his arse tippy-tapping instead of vaccuuming or beer-getting or SOMETHING, so away I go.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE – Sunday, July 18th – 8 days later: The “Happy Birthday” Button (pictured below) that I was privileged to receive (and required to wear throughout the festivities) last weekend at the commencement of Founders Day – the one with the flashing LED lights the sustained functionality of which I improvidently doubted aloud?  (I think I loudly proclaimed that the battery would be dead “by 2:30 in the afternoon”.)  Yeah, just to let you know, I haven’t turned the button off yet, and those little lights are still flashing eight days later.  I wouldn’t say they’re flashing brightly at this point, but they are most asssuredly still blinking away.   I’m kind of rooting for the little suckers now…

Happy Birthday Button II

Much lighter now that I've disconnected the coal-fired generator that powered this thing.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: (Thursday, July 23, 2010) – It is with a heavy heart that the Glorious Leader of Juniorvania announces the tragic passing of his Happy Birthday button, at the age of 11 days.  The Button ceased flashing peacefully, in the night, sometime before midnight on the 22nd of July.  No flowers please.  A moment of silence will be observed at 11:59 this evening throughout Juniorvania, hopefully many consecutive and sleep-filled moments, actually – unless the raccoons are on the rampage, in which case all bets are off and I’mma get my Super Soaker after them.

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