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Prediction Dept.

No time for reasoned analysis – there are still too many household chores and tasks to be completed before I can settle in front of the big screen and watch me some Super Bowl, but here’s my prediction, for what it’s worth:

Patriots 27 Giants 19.

Chicken wings consumed by me: 18

Pretzels (stick form): […]

Super Sunday 2008 v. 1.0

Tomorrow’s two Conference Championship games promise to entertain and amuse. I am looking forward to the Chargers/Patriots AFC Championship, like every other football fan glued to the seemingly inexorable march of the Patriots towards another Super Bowl Championship. I know San Diego Mike and I will probably be on different sides of this issue, but […]

New England Patriots

Wow. Yo, Anthony Smith – I suggest you start working immediately on a time machine, so that you can take that stupid guarantee back.