Anton Stralman Traded

Anton Stralman is not now, nor will he ever be, Bobby Orr.

Realistically, Stralman has failed to crack the Leafs lineup over the last two years under either Coach Wilson or Paul Maurice.  The Leafs’ defence has been paper thin in this time period.  Stralman is not old at 23, but it’s fair to say that his failure to impress when given an opportunity suggests that losing him is no big deal.

Remember too, Leafs fans, that your blueline is stacked and set for a number of years.  Stralman didn’t figure realistically in Burke’s plans;  better that he gets converted into an asset for the future rather than burying him in the minors to waste away and bugger off next year for no return whatsoever.

Wayne Primeau?  It’s all about shuffling around salaries and such.  Burke gave Calgary a bit of soothing cap relief and basically got a 2nd rounder out of the deal.  Whether Primeau plays centre on the first line or sells beer in section 504, it matters not.

Decent deal for both teams.