DM #1 remembered

Wired has a lengthy rememberance of Dungeons & Dragons creator Gary Gygax here.

Certain to cause Spouse’s eyes to jump out of her head and a significant amount of associated sputtering is the following passage from the article:

Many trace the origin of war games to a 1913 work by H. G. Wells titled Little Wars: A Game for Boys of Twelve Years of Age to One Hundred and Fifty and for that More Intelligent Sort of Girl Who Likes Boys’ Games and Books.

H.G. Wells is SO not getting a Christmas card from us this year.

Truly Chaotic Good.

Roll 2d10 if you cast a “Resurrection” spell: I can’t blame Gary Gygax for what happened during my adolescence, but I can thank him for some of the fun bits.

I had so much fun playing Dungeons & Dragons as a kid, and I am convinced that fooling around with logic puzzles, tables full of statistics, and struggling with the concept of how to model human behaviour with a collection of strange shaped dice was far from the worst way my best friend, my brothers and I could have spent those forever summers when we were fifteen. Dude: tough roll, but that was one wicked character.