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#Throwthesnake Goes Big Time

Things happen fast on the Internet. This should come as no news to people who, unlike myself, get around without the use of a cane and don’t spend large portions of the afternoon yelling at those damn kids to get off the lawn.

Monday morning, I checked Twitter around 9 or 9:30. I did a […]

Coming from America: Why the Maple Leafs Will Sooner or Later Have Neighbours

Coming Soon to This Corner – NHL Hockey?

James Mirtle’s work following the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy matter as it has unfolded has made for a fascinating read. If you ignore for a moment the fact that this corporate soap opera is a passion play wreaking havoc with the emotions of fellow […]

No Fat Lady Yet: Tidbits from the Balsillie/NHL Ruling

Not Yet Needed in a Phoenix Courtroom

I spent some time this morning (on my coffee break, relax everybody) looking at what Judge Redfield T. Baum had to say about the Phoenix Coyotes bankruptcy proceedings (Odin Mercer at Five for Howling has posted a link to a copy of Judge Baum’s ruling.)

Much will […]