It arose from under the cardboard boxes…

…and re-attached itself to the Grid!  It lives!  In, according to Spouse, disgusting Smell-o-Vision™! 

I see that during my period of un-connectedness, the spam fairies have paid a visit in the Comments section.  Note to self:  have senior technicians at the Juniorvanian Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) get on that little problem.  The People demand an effective spam filter!

The migration to Juniorvania is now complete.  That is, the actual migrating is complete; the People’s Department of Public Works has been otherwise very occupied with many local improvements, what with the the packing, the loading, the unloading and the unpacking (Monday and Tuesday), not to mention the second round of unloading and unpacking (Wednesday – we received a shipment of items that have been kept in storage for us until such time as our national borders could accomodate them).  Since then, the Glorious Leadership of Juniorvania has been attempting to improve the quality of life in the Homeland by removing entirely certain mountains (apparently constructed largely of cardboard and packing paper) that seem to have recently arisen in the area.  One such range, located in the middle of what is supposed to be our living room, is pictured below:
Batch Number Eight 073
I believe I have had a flash of brilliant insight in the course of the move.  Rather like Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of the principles of gravity, this insight came to me while I was engaged in one of my many trips to the trash and recycling bins.  It is the first discovery of what I hope will be a very productive Juniorvanian Science and Technology Ministry.  I shall call this revelation “Junior’s Principle of Relative Geographic Significance”.  It is a theorem that explains why an otherwise rational person would go to the time and expense of transporting an object from one place to another, only to discard the said object completely.  Empirical observation:  in the course of a move, while packing things away at the initial location, a person can hardly bear the thought of parting with certain treasures collected carefully (or perhaps otherwise) over a lifetime. Yet upon arrival at the ultimate destination, imbued with a sense of fresh possibility –  resolving to implement new systems, new (and better!) organization, and to suffer less clutter – certain of these treasures reveal themselves to be of somewhat less than stellar quality. They are thrown out in the trash, recycled or donated to charity.  Conclusion:  When engaged in a move, certain items selected for transport will undergo a mysterious physical transformation while in transit: beloved artifacts in one locality will become simple refuse in another.   Clearly, more research is needed;  at this time, for example, we do not know what proportion of items transported from place to place will be transmogrified, nor do we understand the mechanics of the metamorphosis.   For now, we are left with but a window into one of the beautiful mysteries of this universe.

Keeping this principle in mind, I offer a real-life (though perhaps rather extreme) demonstration of the principle, involving an actual item unloaded from the moving van and imported into Juniorvania.  An object bearing the following label was unearthed in our living room this morning by the People’s archaelogists.
Here it is in situ, with the label from the movers clearly visible:
Batch Number Eight 001
I make no moral or normative judgements about the presence of this relic.  Whatever it was when it was placed upon the moving van, it is now simply “scrap wood.”  It has become what it is, and now it – along with many other things – is here in Juniorvania.  We have resolved to preserve this object for the purposes of further scientific inquiry.

I will post another update about the move either later today or early tomorrow (and the poetry contest, I think we have a winner!).  For now, there are Great Projects to be accomplished lest we risk fomenting unrest among the people, as it seems that the tasks of the Glorious Leadership are many.

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  1. That’s it — we need to move again! I keep telling myself that there’s gotta be something better than having bookshelves (multiple) groaning under the overload (we have gone to double-stacking books on each shelf, and still, books overflow onto the floor and in random closet boxes, some of which remain UNPACKED from the last move five years ago).

    Maybe I need to see what I can do about getting some poor suckers, er, respondents for ads on craigslist …

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