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Things I’m Doing Other Than This

You should pardon me over the next few days if this blog doesn’t get a lot of attention.  I will try to sit down and tippy-tap out a few things here and there, but I am currently in one of my frequent “juggling many projects” modes.

I’m working on a site for a charitable event that Spouse and I are involved in organizing.  It’s a bicycle ride and a charity auction that are both scheduled for September;  past experience demands that much of the organization happen right now, because over the summer it is hard to consistently locate people to bother them for donations, and  once September begins there isn’t enough time to whip it all in to shape in just a couple weeks’ time – and still hold down the day job.

Anyway, that project has gotten me into a situation where I think I need to learn a little basic php – I knew this day would come, kind of like having to visit the dentist – but I don’t have to be happy about it.  So I’ll likely be busy trying to puzzle out the mysteries of some obscure technical manual transliterated into English from the original Swahili by a Polish-speaking monoglot.  You know, the usual.

I am also still hard at work on a certain video project that I hope to have posted to the site within the next week or two.

Finally, there are a couple of work related tasks that need attending to this week if I am to depart for a week’s holiday in late June/early July with a semi-clear conscience.  All this, and the lawn – once again – desperately needs cutting, as Juniorvania seems to have been transported into a weird sub-tropical climate in which it rains every day;  only a little bit, mind you, but right after I arrive home from work, thus effectively preventing a successful mowing sortie.   Juniorvania is once again becoming a bit of a sylvan wonder.

As for tonight, I am to play chauffeur to my soon-to-be-drunken Spouse and sister-in-law.  They are attending a shower thingy in honour of my soon-to-be other sister-in-law, and it seems a virtual certainty that a number of brave cocktails will lay down their lives in honour of the auspicious occasion.

3 comments to Things I’m Doing Other Than This

  • geezer

    i hope the video we must so expectantly await will reveal the answer to the burning question on all your readers’ minds – “Did you get your official JD green hat yet?”

  • Note to self: need to attend Caps-a-rama Monday night.

  • I try to leave the heavy web-lifting to those minds smarter than me: our summer intern is learning php for a side-project he’s doing to set up the Ultimate Frisbee team page at Cal State Long Beach. Let me know if I should turn him loose on your php projects.