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Video Evidence

Form apology.  Please be sure to use a Number Two pencil:

Dear Friend/Relative/Countrymen

I apologize for ignoring your telephone call/email/angry banging on the door.  I know that it has been some time/a few days/a long time since I last spoke to you/returned that thing I borrowed/rock and rolled.  My excuse yesterday was that I was very busy working/playing/piddling about on a commercial/promotional video/what the hell is that? relating to the charity that Spouse and I are helping to organize.


3 comments to Video Evidence

  • It would be nice to get back to the idea of a “fun” ride; just like their motorized counterparts, the bike riders around here seem more interested in going fast than taking in the scenery (me included, but sadly my speed skills are lacking). It’s like being in recovery, learning what it felt like when you were a kid riding a bike on your own for the first time; the speed, the distance, the freedom. Before you learned to drive, a bike was as fast as you dared go — odd that I keep trying to learn from when I was ten again.

  • Doug

    I hope the auction goes well tonight. Have fun.

  • Thanks for the good wishes. I am bringing my camera/video camera, so – watch me promise another project completed – hopefully, I should have something to post about it sometime.