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Popeye is Watching

Popeye has a habit of standing at the top of the hill behind the house, just over the property line so that he’s technically all four feet firmly on the neighbour’s property.  Next door to us, there is a fairly large farm, and the edges of the fields – as you might imagine – get somewhat overgrown with tall grasses, wildflowers and weeds.  

Popper likes to stick his head through the grass that’s grown up along the edge of the property and perform surveillance:  looking left, then straight ahead, then right;  back to the middle, back to the left;  back to the middle, back to the right….you get the idea.  Well, maybe you don’t – but this picture should give you a pretty good idea of what I’m talking about.

Popeye on surveillance_8352


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  • Spouse

    I love that photo!!!

  • Before they moved into their condo, theVet’s parents had a two-story house where Bean would alertly stand guard at the top of the stairs. We didn’t figure it out until sitting up there one day with him — the windows-above-the-door (clerestory windows?) designed to let light in also gave him a pretty good view of the street outside.

    Clearly enjoying the good weather here — happy spotting to Popeye.