Getting out of the House

If you’re looking for me here today, you won’t find me at home. Instead, I’m over at Maple Leafs Hot Stove (in a virtual and metaphorical sense only – in real life, I’ve gone to work, honest, boss).

Alec Brownscombe has asked me to contribute my thoughts occasionally over at MLHS, and I’ve agreed to do it.  It doesn’t spell the end for this site;  I plan to continue posting here just as sporadically as always.  We may find, you and I, that my thoughts about the Leafs get plastered more frequently over there instead of here.  I honestly don’t know how this will go.  Anyway, I told Alec a couple of weeks ago that I’d “have something for him shortly”, which of course translated into a two week delay.  I think I was having a very difficult time deciding exactly what to write about in my first post.  I felt that what was needed was something fresh and different,  a thematically consistent column with insight, humour and unassailable logic.

Instead, I told a story about one night in a bar in Washington D.C.  Oh, and the Tragically Hip makes an appearance.  Go on over and check it out;  let me know what you think, provided your feedback is positive.

(Kidding.)  (Mostly.)

By junior

Guitar owner and silly person.