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My career as a semi-dedicated Leafs blogger is off to a scintillating start:  a second post in as many days is up over at Maple Leafs Hot Stove, and has been summarily decreed to be prolix and pointless (though not in those precise terms), except for the part where I mention how awesome Luke Schenn  is.

I beg to differ somewhat;  I personally think this post is entertaining and amusing.  It’s closer to what I’m hoping to achieve in my posts at MLHS, a combination of humour, perspective and analysis.  If I were to critique it, I’d actually say the bit about Schenn is the weakest portion of the article because it relies too much on general impressions and my personal perspective on Schenn’s play.  Lucky for me, I think the stats (and a more studied analysis) will generally back me up on this one, Schenn’s play has indeed improved since his worst struggles in November and December.  I would like to avoid relying on those sorts of generalities, though, when writing these posts.  One thing I found when I wrote my piece for the Annual, I learned an awful lot in the research phase of the writing process (sort of another way of putting Yogi Berra’s “You can observe a lot just by watching,” but easy enough to forget in its own way).

Also:  I’m trademarking the name “The Gary Nylund Compendium”;  PPP is absolutely right, that has to be one of the best names for a band ever.

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  1. Don’t listen to the naysayers. I find that I have trouble reading short boring articles about the Leafs, let alone sports. Your stories and intricately woven entertaining bits help the medicine go down.

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