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Leafs Beat Lightning, Masks Fool Bowen Again

Leafs/Lightning tonight:  I missed the first period because of a hellish day at work.  I tweeted to my peeps that at the end of the workday, I basically felt as though I’d been paroled from the circus.  Reading through the Twitter messages on the game, though, it seemed to me that the Leafs likely played reasonably well in the first and were somewhat unfortunate to be down 1-0.

Saw the second and third periods, and the overtime too.  Some thoughts:

  • J.S. Giguere needs to be tied to the crossbar.  I’m not harshing on Jiggy in general;  he made a great save in the OT on Lecavalier’s quasi-breakaway.  I’m not even talking about the play in OT where he chased after a loose puck after Stalberg turned it over up ice.  I know that he pretty much had to race for that puck, though the Leafs were lucky that the Lightning couldn’t hit a wide open cage when his clearing attempt was cut off.  In the second and third periods though, he handled the puck like Tiger Woods handles an Escalade. (Thank you, I’m here all week, please don’t forget to tip your server). Bottom line:  though Jiggy has played reasonably well and has been a vast improvement over Vesa “I Wouldn’t Have Thought That Had a Chance” Toskala, the more I see Giguere out to get stick on puck, the more I think I am in favour of the trapezoid rule;
  • Nikolai Kulemin is money, baby.  Dollars, pesos, rubles, you name it, he is cash money.  That is all;
  • Loved the game Dion Phaneuf played.  Carl Gunnarsson too;
  • It’s important not to read too much into this win over the Lightning – beating a playoff bubble team that has about as much success outside of Florida as pink and green aluminum siding – but the Leafs showed speed, determination and passion yet again.  This team is beginning to believe that they can win games with the present collection of personnel.  They’re wrong about that, but it’s a step in the right direction and when the overall talent level is improved a little, up front especially, that little bit of confidence can go a long way towards creating a dangerous team.

All in all, it was another performance that, regardless of its defensive warts, proved that the Leafs might be accused of having questionable talent, but can’t be accused of exhibiting minimal effort.

As for the broadcast crew, I noticed that for the second time in as many games Joe Bowen was unable to correctly  distinguish between a Leaf defenceman and a Leaf goaltender.  This time, he has Francois Beauchemin making a save on Vincent Lecavalier OT quasi-breakaway.  I took a lot of crap from Joe Bowen fans as a result of yesterday’s post;  again I say that I’m a Joe Bow fan myself, but I think we’re entitled to expect him to be able to articulate the name of the Maple Leaf netminder with some degree of regularity and reliability at this point in the season.  Watch the YouTube clip below.  The first segment shows Giguere chasing the loose puck after Stalberg’s turnover;  Bowen gets this bit right.  In the second segment, though, rather than Jiggy he has other French guy Francois Beauchemin making the save on Lecavalier.  Again, I’m not saying this means Joe Bowen is a bad broadcaster who doesn’t deserve to be on TV. I am saying that he’s gotta bring his game up a little bit, though.

2 comments to Leafs Beat Lightning, Masks Fool Bowen Again

  • kidkawartha

    You’re secretly starting a campaign to steal Bowen’s job, aren’t you? The wearisome present job, the typical Leaf fan obsession with the team, the spouse constantly questioning your life achievements, an over-powering desire to make fun of Pierre McGuire with a large bully pulpit- I’m on to you now.

  • L'il Jimmy

    My *god*, Bowen did it again….

    Unfortunately this time you were scooped by CBC’s “the National”, this was their top story.