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Let There Be Music – And Some Wins, Please

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that I was working on something special in my secret lair. Here it is, in honour of the 2010-2011 Toronto Maple Leafs’ season: The Toronto Maple Leafs Song. (Update 1:12 a.m.: I’ve been trying on and off all night to post a link to the .mp3 file on […]

Leafs Beat Lightning, Masks Fool Bowen Again

Leafs/Lightning tonight: I missed the first period because of a hellish day at work. I tweeted to my peeps that at the end of the workday, I basically felt as though I’d been paroled from the circus. Reading through the Twitter messages on the game, though, it seemed to me that the Leafs likely played […]

Welcome, Hope. We Thought You’d Never Get Here.

It was only one game. One game in another lost season; one game against a (recently) struggling Eastern Conference opponent and their backup goaltender.

Still, tonight’s 3-0 Leaf victory finally gave more than a little reason for hope to long-suffering Leaf fans. There was a goaltender in our net who made saves and who seemed […]

Introducing Happiness: Nikolai Kulemin

As I am currently disintegrating into a small pile of trembling viscous goo under the combined pressures of a ridiculous workload at the office and the insanity of trying to make a Christmas in the paltry few minutes remaining to me afterwards, this is not going to be a long or particularly entertaining post. Nevertheless, […]