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Them Blades at Mitzi’s Sister

Met up with a few of the folks from Pension Plan Puppets last night for the very first time in person. Thanks to the organiz-y efforts of @kidkawartha, Spouse and I were able to meet him and @kimjorn for dinner at Mitzi’s Sister on Queen St. W. in Toronto before Them Blades took the stage later that evening. Also joining us – once he managed to make a brief escape from an ongoing slumber party, as I understand it – was @mforbes37.

KidK will be well known to those who read the comments around here. Jorn is lead guitarist for Them Blades.  He and  another fellow by the name of Godd Till (@zambonicyouth) now reputedly write with @mforbes37 (himself of Bitter Leaf Fan fame) at a site called Zambonic Youth, but I don’t believe it because I am fairly certain that the last new post over there was drafted on a cuneiform tablet by ancient Egyptians.

Spouse and I had a great time meeting these PPP peeps and the others in attendance too. At the very same time that this was going on, there were a lot of other PPP’ers meeting up with one another in the Big City last night;  there was a huge crew meeting up at the Loose Moose for a combination spontaneous birthday celebration for Down Goes Brown/pre-game piss-up (PPP overlords Chemmy and SkinnyFish had driven up from the States for Saturday night’s Leafs/Habs tilt).

I thought that I’d post the video below – a quick clip I took of the band playing their third song of the night – so the PPP’ers who couldn’t make it out to Mitzi’s would be able to see a little of Kim Jorn’s band for themselves.

I hope the folk in Them Blades don’t mind that I’ve posted this video clip; I haven’t asked their permission. I think the name of the song is “Rock the Cashbar”. As a point of interest, keep your eyes peeled for the freaky looking dude on the dance floor near the mid-point of the video; he was the drummer from one of the other bands on the bill. Reportedly, he had difficulty keeping hold of his drum sticks, played much of his set clad in his boxers, and fell off the drum throne 3 times.

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  • kidkawartha

    The song is about a wedding reception, and the title is “Rock the Cash Bar”. 😉
    Ah, good times. Great to finally meet both of you.

  • kidkawartha

    D’oh. Made the exact mistake in reverse I thought you had……..

  • Kim Jorn

    Thanks for putting the video up Jr. No worries from our end.

    That drummer was something else.

    Great meeting you on Saturday.

  • Thanks for taking the video of us!

    We’d like to add it and any photos of the evening to our myspace page (with credit to you of course).

  • So very nice to have finally somehow magically made it over to this blog. Had tried a few times, but never worked from the links at PPP. Clicked on jrwendelman at Chatty Cathy’s now and here I am. Excellent.

    Man, reading all about PPP VIP’s going to that Habs game, well, just a big ouch for me in so many ways. Happy for everyone of course, but just making me miss Toronto so much more than I already do.

    Anyway, just checking in here. Leafs on in five so will close now. And won’t write an essay next time. I promise. lol

    • @Kidk An unmined dick joke is a terrible thing to waste.
      @Gina & @KimJorn: My pleasure to do the video, check your email – I sent you the file.
      @pyramidpower Welcome, glad you made it here. Essays are welcome. It does sound like the PPP crew had an awesome time over at the Loose Moose. Maybe next time we can join in the fun over there.