1. Interesting, I can’t argue a lot with Brind’Amour’s inclusion. Maybe I should set up a bracket, NCAA style, and match Rod up against Tiger. I have to admit, in that profile pic, Tiger almost looks noble, which isn’t helping his chances of getting on Mt. Rushmore.

  1. On the other hand, he looks carved out of granite in that picture, which *does* help his chances.

    I would definitely be in favour of an NCAA-style bracket, and would nominate Tyler Kennedy and Brent Sopel for the seeding.

  2. Nominations accepted! Maybe I’ll see if I can’t work something up one of these days. It would have to be votinating-enabled…maybe I can use this as an excuse to learn some php programming (that’s on my list of projects) and we can have a for real election. Democracy is a powerful thing.

  3. No PHP required. You can create a Google Form that will keep track of the results in a spreadsheet for you. BTW, Mike Ricci for sure… butt ugly.

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