If It’s Tuesday, We Must Be Dropping One to Dixie

The Leafs lost to the Atlanta Thrashers tonight 3-2.   Where have you heard this before:  Tuesday night home loss to a mediocre Southeast Division opponent.

No doubt, some folks will be into the gnashing of teeth, given the Thrashers’ two goals in less than a minute in the second period.  No doubt, the Leafs fell apart for a bit for a few minutes there, and they paid for it when Atlanta cashed in a couple of markers.  Keep in mind, though, that this is the youngest team in the NHL.  They are bound to lose focus and composure from time to time this year, and it must be remembered that this will happen from time to time next year too.  The key thing for Leaf fans to watch when this happens – not “if”, but “when” – is how the team reacts.

A couple of nights ago, the Leafs got themselves down 2-0 to the Rangers after two periods and managed to come back and get a win in overtime.  Tonight, the comeback wasn’t complete, but the team bore down and got a couple of goals to tie it before surrendering the eventual winner on an Antropov tip in front of Gustavsson.   There was some inspired play from Bozak again tonight, his pass to Stalberg on Stalberg’s first goal was brilliant.  Stalberg himself showed some good determination to get to the net, though it was a bit alarming to see that his shot on that first goal was actually headed wide but bounced rather fortunately off the goaltender’s skate and in to the net.  Tonight was probably one of Christian Hanson’s better games as a Leaf.  There were also some terrific saves from Gustavsson – especially his save on Afinogenov with about two and a half minutes left in the second period, when Afinogenov was in alone on him just before the first Stalberg goal.

So yeah, another Tuesday night, another loss to a mediocre southeastern opponent, but I’ll say it again:  there is reason for hope.

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  1. We talk about a lot, but has anyone actually reviewed the “Tuesday night vs. SE opponent” stats for us? Or is it just a myth? If it’s true, how can we kill these Tuesdays? Can they be driven out like the devil?

  2. I say we should intimidate bribe kindly implore the schedule maker to change all home dates against these lesser Southeast opponents to days other than Tuesday. My feeling is either Tuesday games or games against those teams are doable, but the combination of the two reacts like some crazy chemistry experiment into a lethal combo.

    Hey, worth a shot, right?

    1. @kidk: I’ma see if I can pull together those numbers for you, but warning: anyone under 18 will not be admitted to that post without parental permission. I expect the results to be truly obscene.

      @stucky: The Leafs used to traditionally play on Wednesdays. Ever since we gave that up, to the best of my recollection, we have sucked in early week games. I am in favour of anything that will make this stop. Are you proposing a “canvas bag and duct tape” type of persuasion, or something a little more subtle?

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