HiR:tb Toots (@warwalker)

Lazy Sunday

Sunday afternoon, 15° Celsius outside and I’m enjoying some down time in the sun once again in the Big Yellow Chairs atop the hill out our back door.  With the help of the Internet and pirate video streams, I’m keeping one eye on the Flyers/Rangers game (I think if the Flyers beat the Rangers, the Habs have to play the Caps in the first round.  I’m rooting for that, for schadenfreude reasons, though I feel VERY dirty cheering on the Flyers, even over the Rangers).  I’m keeping another eye on the Masters.  Life is tough.

I did a very quick post with some year end thoughts that I’m expecting will be up over at Maple Leafs Hot Stove some time today.  I’m told there’s some exciting developments coming over there, too.  Be sure to keep checking in on that site.

UPDATE: The post with my  thoughts on the end of the Leafs season is up over at MLHS.

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