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What Wonders YouTube Does Provide

I was tooling about a bit on YouTube this afternoon.  Rest assured, I was not searching for the clip below.  Little did I know how much I wanted to find it.

Some thoughts on this video:

  1. Not to sound too much like the American Idol judges, but…song choice: it’s an issue for this vocalist.
  2. The dogs are VERY blasé about this.  It’s not the first time these three have made such a video.
  3. The sunglasses. ‘Nuff said.
  4. The not-quite-but-almost dancing, or at least “rhythmic squirming” that begins in earnest, complete with pantomimed gestures (and if I’m not mistaken, a near jazz hands moment) , at the top of the second verse (about 1:23 in).
  5. I’m sure this fellow is a lovely man.  There is a puckish smile on his face that suggests he’s in on the joke of him, so I’m not suggesting that this gentleman is behaving unnaturally with animals.  His decision to shoot a video in which he sings a love song, while lovingly cuddling his two dogs in bed, however?  You can’t deny there’s an aura of creepiness being exuded by that.

As you were.  I felt compelled to share.

Oh, and Go Leafs Go tonight.  Here’s hoping our boys do their share to keep the playoffs Habby free.

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  • Intriguing re: the dogs’ reaction. Our animals are not nearly that well behaved when we sing, although I take that more as a critique as to how on-key I perform.