Am I Too Late to Enter the Toronto International Film Festival?

Much of the weekend was spent gathering things together that must be here when Furious G arrives.  Of course, one of the things he’ll need is a stylin’ ride, so we dropped some Benjamins on a pretty wicked l’il swing contraption.  It does pretty much everything except make pizza (unless I missed that page in the owner’s manual) and you can connect an iPod to it so that baby not only rocks, but also ROCKS! to Zeppelin or what not.  Hey, it’s never too early to start an education, I think.

Anyway, here is a little video memorializing the maiden voyage of Furious G’s new contraption.

By junior

Guitar owner and silly person.


  1. Sweet Ride! I looked at one of those and was concerned at the amount of square footage that it required and decided that there was no room at the Inn for it. MJTJJ will surely love it. Make sure you get lots of burp cloths though. Movement can make a little one a little chucky! (See my collection of dirty shirts with the stains on them)

  2. “decided that there was no room at the Inn for it”
    Excellent start on the capacity for a messianic complex there. I presume your plan for him is to lead the Leafs to 5 consecutive Stanley Cups, retire, join politics and completely reform the Liberal party? 🙂

  3. Also, if you stick a slice of frozen pizza underneath Furious G and give it a couple hours, you’ll have some nice lukewarm pie. Just make sure it’s wrapped in a scent-proof manner.

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