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The CFL: Yours to Kick Around

The CFL isn’t a lot of things. It isn’t Hollywood; it isn’t the Big Time; it isn’t the NFL. It’s an eight team league that plays a variety of football not played anywhere else on the planet (unless there’s some sort of Bring Back the Posse tribute league in Vegas about which I have been […]

WTF, Roughies?

TSN is reporting tonight that the Saskatchewan Roughriders have traded last year’s Most Outstanding Player in the CFL, quarterback Kerry Joseph, to the Toronto Argonauts.

That trade is a little weird from a couple of perspectives. Who trades the reigning Most Outstanding Player? Secondly, the Boatmen just finished resolving a quarterback controversy last year, when […]

Coupe Grey 2007

I can’t let the 2007 CFL season pass on without commenting on the upcoming Grey Cup game – next Sunday in Toronto at the Don’t-Call-Me-Skydome-Anymore Rogers Centre.

Obviously, as a Ticats season ticket holder, I would prefer that the Hamiltonians would be present and oski-ing our collective wee wee. It was fairly obvious, however, following […]