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Tonight: Maple Syrup > Apple Pie, in a Golden Way

Canada 3, United States 2 (OT)

Nice job, Team Canada. Brilliant.

O Canada: Maple Syrup vs. Apple Pie for Hockey Gold

George Flies the Flag

It’s forty minutes to game time – Gold Medal Game Time – here in Canada. I don’t have much time to type, as there is still much to do before my Mom and Dad join Spouse and I here in Juniorvania to watch the epic struggle for hockey […]

Team Canada Loses to Ryan Miller and the Yanks

I’ve been holding my breath ever since about the first period of Game Two vs. Switzerland. Team Canada looked disorganized and got outworked by a highly motivated Swiss team; the hosts were lucky to win in a shootout.

Tonight, Team Canada worked harder but lost to a team with a better goaltender and – it […]