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Tonight: Maple Syrup > Apple Pie, in a Golden Way

Canada 3, United States 2 (OT)

Nice job, Team Canada. Brilliant.

Team Canada Loses to Ryan Miller and the Yanks

I’ve been holding my breath ever since about the first period of Game Two vs. Switzerland. Team Canada looked disorganized and got outworked by a highly motivated Swiss team; the hosts were lucky to win in a shootout.

Tonight, Team Canada worked harder but lost to a team with a better goaltender and – it […]

Canada’s Olympic Hockey Dream, 2010: Step One

Step One Complete. Next up: Swiss Timing

Just want to make it clear, posting the above score is in no way meant to diminish the excellent effort of the Norwegian hockey team. I am not talking smack about Norway, just trying to document what I hope will be a journey towards Olympic gold for […]

The Day is a Fresh Sheet of Ice

South Dumfries Community Centre

Both Spouse and I had the day off today – the first of a few in a row over the holiday season, I am pleased to report – and we started things off with a bang by getting up early and heading over to the local community centre for a […]

Stephen Harper Must Go.

I will have more to say about this in the very near future, but for the time being, let me say that I am very upset that the Prime Minister of Canada is lying to the people of this country about the way our system of government works.

In our system of parliamentary democracy, a […]

Adam van Koeverden

One more day of Olympic fun, and then it’s a long wait until Vancouver.

I have to admit that Spouse and I have been complete summer games junkies over the last few days. We have been camping out at night on the fold-out sofa bed in the living room so that we can fall asleep […]


A shot of one of the three girthy marine monsters with whom I spent a brief portion of Canada Day (prior to returning them to their aquatic home, safe and sound, if not somewhat dissatisfied with the meal provided).

I will have more details of my trip tomorrow, but suffice to say that there […]

There’s no business like snow business

We, um, got a little bit of snow here in the Hammer. It snowed Friday night and then again all day Saturday. I didn’t go outside when it was storming, because it was cold and not very nice out there. I did stick my head out the back door for a couple of minutes to […]