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There’s no business like snow business

We, um, got a little bit of snow here in the Hammer. It snowed Friday night and then again all day Saturday. I didn’t go outside when it was storming, because it was cold and not very nice out there. I did stick my head out the back door for a couple of minutes to take a couple of pictures. Here’s one from Saturday afternoon, showing the general blowiness of this model of snow.
blowing snow

I took this one late yesterday afternoon from the (open) bedroom window upstairs. Never underestimate the strength of your marriage. If your wife comes upstairs and finds you – in the middle of a snowstorm, mind you – with the windows open and struggling to get the screens back on, it is not necessarily true that you will be thrown out of the house immediately; no guarantees or warranties are implied, reader assumes his own risk and your mileage may vary. I think it’s awesome how confused Popeye looks. Though he loves the snow, I think even the Popper was wondering where the hell all this stuff came from. You can see how deeply buried Spouse’s car is if you look to the left of the fence, in front of the shed.

birds eye poppy

Last night, I poked my head out the back door when it looked like the snow had finished hurtling out of the sky. I snapped a shot of one of the solar powered patio lanterns on our deck. For reference, the portion of the lamp visible in the photo below is about 8 to 10 inches from top to bottom.

patio lantern

I took this one this morning after the TWO HOURS worth of shovelling it took to make the driveway passable. That thing in the middle, covered in the white stuff in front of the house – that’s my car. It’s buried, it’s not accessible, it’s not going anywhere until May, apparently, but it’s my car.

So now we use these for transport.


I have approximately seventy-seven pictures of this icicle now. This one is unique, because it shows the water droplet falling through space.


2 comments to There’s no business like snow business

  • Ye gods, snow is lovely but … that’s some snow. Perhaps Popeye can be hitched to some sort of Macguyver-ed device for rescue purposes?

    I somehow remember tremendous snowfalls growing up, but in retrospect, can’t tell if it was because I was so much shorter then, or if the world really was snowier. At some point in the winters I’d begin to worry about having to tunnel my way to school, though.

  • I have the same memory/perspective problem. I am sure that it got cold and stayed cold for longer periods of time when I was a kid – I remember my Dad spending long hours outside making an ice rink for us. That just wouldn’t work now, when we have three or four days of snow and cold and then it’s eight degrees out the next day.

    Anyway – I thought we got it bad, but we went visiting my folks and then my brother (in Burlington and Oakville, respectively) – they got it worse by at least 10 cm.