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Ferris Bueller Had the Right Idea

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but Spouse and I have taken a couple of days off from work.

A day off is a wonderful thing; if you’re anything like me, you have it in mind to accomplish so many things, but you also want to just revel in your chance to drive in the slow lane […]

Home Again, Home Again

A Spirit Air Plane Touches Down – Not Ours.

Spouse and I have successfully returned to the tiny Kingdom of Juniorvania from our vacation in the sunny south . The Popper and Prince Henry were pampered indeed over the last few days; on this occasion, rather than bunking in at the five-star pet hotel […]

One in the hand AND two in the bush

Spouse and I headed out today with Popeye in tow for a walk in the winter woods. There are a lot of pretty well-known birding areas not far from the borders of Juniorvania, perfect destinations for wintry perambulations. The F.W.R. Dickson Wilderness Area is a beautiful little plot of land that is the site of […]

Shooting the Shootout: Dukes vs. Trojans, Saturday Night

We had a truly Canadian evening last night. It was snowing quite hard in the early evening, starting around 6:30 or so, and Spouse and I had earlier determined that we would be attending the hockey game between the St. George Dukes (a local team in the Southern Ontario Junior Hockey League) and the defending […]

Positive about Negative Tripods.

I came across this idea, believe it or not, while at work. I had to take a moment to post about it; neat idea and possibly just the thing to save the day in the right situation, such as where it is inconvenient or impossible to bring a real tripod in to an event.


Gizmos and Geegaws

Sometimes I don’t know why I do it. I get excited about the potential of a technological gizmo or geegaw and try to supercharge (a la Tim “The Toolman” Taylor) its capabilities with *ahem*, I believe the term is “budget-conscious” accessories. For example, about a year ago now, I was fooling about with an old […]

Breaking News

JUNIORVANIA (AP) – Senior officials in the Juniorvanian Ministry of External Affairs and Department of Homeland Security tonight confirmed rumours running rampant in this tiny hillside country that the nation was nearly overrun earlier this evening by a hostile army of four-legged intruders bent on destroying the natural beauty of the homeland. The aliens in […]

There’s no business like snow business

We, um, got a little bit of snow here in the Hammer. It snowed Friday night and then again all day Saturday. I didn’t go outside when it was storming, because it was cold and not very nice out there. I did stick my head out the back door for a couple of minutes to […]

Two Horses Fighting

Spouse and I went out to the barn where Ralphie lives today. I brought along my camera and while I was standing next to one of the fields, two horses started fighting with one another. Flush with the excitement of photo-journalism, I sprung into action and got to actually use my “burst mode” (the […]