Home Again, Home Again

 Spirit 7126
A Spirit Air Plane Touches Down - Not Ours.

Spouse and I have successfully returned to the tiny Kingdom of Juniorvania from our vacation in the sunny south .   The Popper and Prince Henry were pampered indeed over the last few days;  on this occasion, rather than bunking in at the five-star pet hotel run by my parents, the five-star came to them.  We are very grateful to my folks for agreeing to come inhabit the local landscape and care for our boys;  what a treat for all concerned (there was even dinner on the table for the weary travellers upon our return!)… 

I will write more tomorrow about the many events of our journey.  For now, in the interest of completeness, let me report, following up on the last post, that the “eagle” was in fact an osprey, that the alligators were obligingly available, and that the zebra – unfortunately – was a no-show.

Until tomorrow; it’s been a long day, up at 5:20 this morning and shambling through various airports, clutching a passport, sixteen boarding passes and my camera, which just wouldn’t fit in the carry on at the tail end of a fantastic vacation.

Gator_6656 adjusted
Mama Gator is Watching You
IMG_7085 adjusted
An Osprey Fishing Over the Pond Behind 16 Green
One Out of the Water Behind 16 Green 3478
What the Osprey Wanted