HiR:tb Toots (@warwalker)

Morning Visitors, Evening Intruder

I was up early Sunday morning and in a bit of a half-sleep reverie when it occurred to me that – most unusually – there was rather a lot of noise outside my bedroom window.

When you get right down to it, I sleep about eighty-five feet from the edge of a cornfield, often indoors. […]

Ferris Bueller Had the Right Idea

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but Spouse and I have taken a couple of days off from work.

A day off is a wonderful thing; if you’re anything like me, you have it in mind to accomplish so many things, but you also want to just revel in your chance to drive in the slow lane […]

He’s Resting.

I’m not the only guy to suffer an injury around the ol’ homestead this weekend. The little fellow pictured below flew headlong into the window on the east side at the rear of our house. He seemed to be stunned (beautiful plumage, eh?) for a little bit, and Spouse and I stood nearby to make […]

Home Again, Home Again

A Spirit Air Plane Touches Down – Not Ours.

Spouse and I have successfully returned to the tiny Kingdom of Juniorvania from our vacation in the sunny south . The Popper and Prince Henry were pampered indeed over the last few days; on this occasion, rather than bunking in at the five-star pet hotel […]

One in the hand AND two in the bush

Spouse and I headed out today with Popeye in tow for a walk in the winter woods. There are a lot of pretty well-known birding areas not far from the borders of Juniorvania, perfect destinations for wintry perambulations. The F.W.R. Dickson Wilderness Area is a beautiful little plot of land that is the site of […]