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Saturday Night: A Photo Essay

saturday night redux

No one is admitting to finishing the chips.

Please note: This post has been modified since its initial inclusion on the site.  In the place where there now appears a lovely artist’s rendering, there used to be a photograph.  One of the subjects of that photograph complained – I’m not saying which of the two individuals depicted it was – but, in order to keep the peace, I have taken down the offending photograph and replaced it with the sketch above.  In order to understand the balance of this post, just replace the line sketch in your mind with an incredibly crisply focussed photograph.

I love this photo for two reasons:  one, it tells the whole story of Saturday night just before dinner (at least ’round these parts);  and two, it was taken using no flash, a tripod, and a whopping twenty second exposure.  That tells you everything you need to know about the amount of movement that was going on around here in the hour or two just prior to Canada’s semi-final meeting with the Russians in the World Junior Hockey Tournament (a game which Canada ultimately won 6-5, but only barely – in a shootout, after tying the score with 5.4 seconds remaining in the third period).

Technical Note: Over the last couple of days, I’ve had occasion to visit this site with a number of different browsers – I generally use Firefox (v. 3.0.5) on The Digital Overlord, but Spouse’s new HP notebook has a Vista-friendly version of IE Explorer and Spouse’s other new toy, an iPod touch, uses a version of Safari to access the ‘Net.  I have noticed with both of these devices that – at times, anyway – photo captions entered seem not to be handled very elegantly, or at all.

I’d be grateful if anyone visiting the site would let me know – in the comments below – what type of browser they’re using, and whether the caption on the above photo came out as planned:  the picture itself should be centred in the middle column, with a brief caption centred below the picture.

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